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Dickens, Charles.- Another Round of Stories by the Christmas Fire. Boston. Fetridge & Co. 1854. First American Edition. 47 pp. 8vo. Podeschi, B229. Lohrli, p. 118. VanderPoel B441. The Extra Christmas Number of Household Words for 1853. Composed of nine stories, of which Dickens wrote only the first (The Schoolboy's Story") and the last ("Nobody's Story"). The other stories are by Eliza Lynn, George Sala, Adelaide A. Procter, Elizabeth Gaskell, Edmund Dixon & W. H. Wills, Samuel Sidney and Mr. William Gaskell. All were, for the most part, regular and valued contributors to Household Words. At first, his two stories were collected by Dickens in "Reprinted Pieces." "The Schoolboy's Story" is a reminiscence of Dickens' days at Wellington House Academy and Old Cheeseman as a schoolfriend of Dickens at Chatham. In "Nobody's Story", Dickens reveals his support for social reformThis Fetridge edition is, likely, a piracy. Spine and rear cover lost. Wear at edges and corners. Corners dog-eared. Else, Very Good.
Price: $110.00
Anonymous .- [Broadside]. Pollock's Characters & Scenes in Oliver Twist, 6 Plates. Characters, 1 Set Piece, 3 wings, and 13 Scenes. Total 23. With Book to the Above. (?Title Page). London. B. Pollock N.D. Woodblock illustrations. First Edition. 1 p. 8vo sheet. Podeschi C35. VanderPoel B109(1), (2), 110. Suzannet, E.35 (with plate of this illustration). Rather crudely done illustrations of some of the characters and scenes from Dickens' "Oliver Twist." Likely from an early edition of what is known from Podeschi as "Pollocks' Juvenile Drama. Oliver Twist, or the Parish Boy's Progress. A Drama. With Plates Adapted Only for Pollock's Characters and Scenes." The address, at 73 Hoxton Street, in the Gimbel issue is the same as provided for Redington on other similar plates. Redington had been a predecessor of Pollock and was his father-in-law. The plates were issued separately from the text of the play, which was claimed to be the only juvenile dramatization of Dickens' works. Even in Pollock's edition, some of the plates retained the Redington attribution. No date is listed. Podeschi estimates ca.1860, while a similar production in the VanderPoel collection estimates the date to be ca. 1839. Small chips from 2 corners. Else, Very Good
Price: $100.00
Thomas, Henry J.- The Wrong Man. A Tale of the Early Settlements. New York. Beadle and Company. 1862. Illustrated title page. First Edition. 119 pp. 16mo. Johannsen, Beadle & Adams, II, pp. 268-72; III, pp. 8-9. A mid-19th century novel published by Beadle and Company. It is set among the early settlements in the Ohio Valley. There is engagement between settlers, hunters, pack-peddlers, etc. A Black character, Cato, is depicted on the cover frightened and fleeing an exploding blockhouse. This explosion was to confuse the identity of a dead man in order to help Cato's master escape with his bride. The dating is assured by the publisher's address, for Beadle moved from 141 William St. to 118 William St. between 9/19 and 10/1/ 1862. It is unclear whether the name Henry J. Thomas was a pseudonym for Colin Barker, Edward S. Ellis and John Lewis , or whether either of the others were pseudonyms for Thomas. Or, indeed, whether Mr. &/or Mrs. Henry J. Thomas were the same pseudonymous person as the others. Several novels were published and republished by Beadle with the author listed alternatively by 2 or 3 of these names. Thomas wrote a number of novels for the House of Beadle, but the other names were credited for some of therm from time to time. Inscribed in pencil on rear free end paper: "Bob Greene / Canaan / NY." Disbound (lacks wraps). Else, Very Good.
Price: $150.00
Swift, Jonathan.- The Works of the Rev. Jonathan Swift, D.D. Dean of St. Patrick's, Dublin. Arranged by Thomas Sheridan, A.M. With Notes, Historical and Critical. A New Edition in Twenty-Four Volumes. Corrected and Revised by John Nichols, F.A.S. Edinburgh and Perth. Volume III. A Tale of a Tub, &c. and The Battle of the Books, &c. in British Classics. To Be Completed in about One Hundred Volumes, Duodecimo, Volume the Forty-Seventh. New-York. William Durell and Co. 1812. Wood engraving frontispiece. Hot Pressed Edition. 331 pp. 12mo. One volume from an early American printing of the Works of Jonathan Swift in a series of British Classics.. It includes two of his major satires, "A Tale of a Tub" and "The Battle of the Books", as well as a selection of his other essays. Lacks rear wrap. and most of spine. Chips from corners of front wrap. Soiled covers. Pages toned. Small water stain at upper corner of first 46 pp. Foxing. Else, Good.
Price: $30.00
Field, Kate.- Pen Photographs of Charles Dickens's Readings, Taken from Life. By Kate Field, Photographer. Boston. Loring, Publisher. 1868. First Edition. 38 pp. 8vo. A loving description of Dickens's readings in America in 1867-68 by an American admirer. She reviews the readings of Christmas Carol, David Copperfield, Nicholas Nickleby, Little Dombey, Doctor Marigold, Boots of the Holly Tree Inn, Mr. Bob Sawyer's Party and the Trial Scene from Pickwick Papers. Her final assesment of Dickens, in a note entitled "Exeunt Omnes", has not been surpassed. Uncommon in First Edition. Ex libris. Modest library stamp on front cover and title page. Wear at ends of spine with loss of lower one third of paper spine. Owner's signature on cover: S. M. Cunningham. Few small chips from edges. Else, Very Good.
Price: $195.00
[Tavener, Henry Thomas, and Hotten, John Camden].- Charles Dickens: The Story of His Life. By the Author of the "Life of Thackeray." With illustrations and Facsimiles. New York. Harper & Brothers. 1870. Illustrated. Frontispiece engraving of Dickens as Captain Bobadil and a facsimile of his handwritin and portrait of Dickens from a drawing by D'Orsay First American Edition 110 pp. With Appendix & 2 pp. publisher's ads. 8vo. Podeschi H443. VanderPoel E2. NCBEL III, 828, This work has been attributed to Theodore Taylor, a pseudonym for John Camden Hotten (1832-73). It was actually by Tavener (see "Prelimiinary", p.7). It has also been attributed to Joseph Grego (1843-1908) and William Moy Thomas (1828-1910) (see OCLC, World Cat entry). This is a hasty biography of Dickerns, done within a few weeks of his unexpected death. Signed on front free end paper by former owner: "J. H. W. Tooley, Chelsea, Mass. 1881." Also laid down on front free end paper is a letter to the editor of the Boston Daily Advertiser, apparently from July 21, 1870, defending a minister who had preached against Dickens, and who had been attacked for it in the press. This letter writer supports Diuckens, but also the minister's right to express an honestly held opinion. The "Preliminary" is dated 29th June , 1870. Publisher's ads and forthcoming issue of Harper's Monthly dated September 1870. George Sala's long obituary biography in the Daily Telegraph of London on 10 June 1870, one day after Dickens' death, was promptly expanded by Sala and published also in 1870 on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, rivalling this primarily literary biography by Taverner. Stain on front cover. Slightly dog-eared at corners. Else. Very Good.
Price: $300.00
[Mrs. Prism].- The Ladies Indispensable Companion and Housekeepers' Guide: Embracing Rules of Etiquette; Rules for the Formation of Good Habits; and a Great Variety of Medical Recipes. To Which Is Added One of the Best Systems of Cookery Ever Published. The Majority of the Recipes Are New and Ought to Be Possessed by Every One. New-York. H. Dayton. 1860. Third Edition . 136 pp. 8vo. Lowenthal 788, 789, 819. A wonderful example of a typical ladies' vade mecum for the mid-19th Century. the first section is the guide to a "Family Physician", who has advice for the raising of children, including the use of leeches for treatment of dropsy of the head, Lugol's solution (iodine) for rickets and scrofula, digitalis and opium for measles; the second section is a guide to domestic economy with a large selection of trusty recipes, cookery for the sick, advice about the ladies' workbox, household projects and etiquette for ladies and gentlemen ("a gentleman may hook a dress...with perfect propriety, and should be able to do so gracefully"), advice about the keeping of canary birds; etc. Covers worn at corners, edges and spine. Lacks 40% of spine. Covers soiled. Rear hinge starting at head. Foxing. Toning of pages. Else, Good +.
Price: $250.00
Mitchell, S[amuel] Augustus.- An Accompaniment to Mitchell's Reference and Distance Map of the United States; Containing an Index of the Various Counties, Districts, Parishes, Townships, Towns, &c. together with an Index of the Rivers; by Which Any County, District, Township, &c., or River, May Be Found on the Map, without Difficulty; Also. an Accurate Synopsis of the Population of the Union, according to the Census of 1840, Alphabetically Arranged; besides Statements of the Aggregate Amount of the Different Classes of the Inhabitants and Their Pusuits, the Value of the Produce of the Mines, Agriculture, Manufactures and Commerce, Lists of the Universities and Colleges, Canals, Railroads, &c. Philadelphia. S. Augustus Mitchell. 1844. Third Edition (First Edition Based on 1840 Census). 208 pp. Tall 12mo. Howes M684. Sabin 49715. A series of helpful tables and charts, based on the decennial census of 1840. The volume, first published in 1834, was an accessory to Mitchell's map of America. This issue missed by Sabin. Wear at ends of spine, corners and edges. Mild foxing. Else, Very Good.
Price: $195.00
Hawthorne, Nathaniel.- Roger Malvin's Burial. In The United States Magazine and Democratic Review, Vol XIII, No. LXII. August, 1843. Pp. 186-96. New York. J. & H. G. Langley. 1843. Frontispiece portrait of William R. King (engraved by Frederick Halpin from a Daguerreotype by Chilton; with tissue guard). First Edition.-- 112 pp. in entire monthly issue. 8vo. Browne, p. 56, 49. BAL7573, 7598. Frazer Clark, A.15.1.a1, C2. Groce & Wallace, p.286 (for Halpin). DAB (for King). The first periodical edition of a story by Nathaniel Hawthorne, one of his "Separate Stories," in an issue of "The Democratic Review". (Earlier appearance in "The Token", pp.161-88, 1832. Later in "Mosses from an Old Manse", Vol. 2). Other contents include editorial review s of the Irish Repeal and Mental Hygiene, also another of Orestes Brownson's important articles, this one on the Origins and Source of Government. The frontispiece, from an early Dagerreotype portrait of William R. King, a prominent politician (in Congress for North Carolina, later Senator from Alabama, Minister to France, Vice-President to Franklin Pierce and supporter of Texas Annexation). Frederick Halpin (1805-1880) was a portrait and historical engraver and book illustrator, born in England, moved to New York about 1842 . A wonderful wood engraving by F. O, C. Darley of street corner loungers, done for a chapter of Neal's "Pennings and Pencillings, In and Aboiut Town".. Covers browned at edges. Small chips from spine. Mild Foxing. Else, Very Good.
Price: $185.00
Hawthorne, Nathaniel.- The Two Widows. In The United States Magazine and Democratic Review, Vol XIII, No. LXI. July, 1843. Pp. 85-88. New York. J. & H. G. Langley. 1843. Frontispiece portrait of Thomas Hart Benton (engraved by F. Halpin from a Daguerreotype by Chilton, with tissue guard). First Edition.-- 112 pp. in entire monthly issue. 8vo. Browne, p. 73. BAL7573. 7607 Frazer Clark, A19.1.a, C2. Groce & Wallace, p.286 (for Halpin). DAB for Benton. The first periodical edition of a story by Nathaniel Hawthorne, one of his "Separate Stories," in a single monthly issue of "The Democratic Review."Later reprinted as The Wives of the Dead" (as it had earlier appeared in "The Token", pp.74-82, 1832) in "The Snow -Image, and Other Twice-Told Tales (1852). Other contents include long editorial review s of a history of the Sandwich Islands by J. J. Jarves, and the Medical Philosophy of Travelling, as well as another of Orestes Brownson's series of articles in this magazine. The frontispiece, from an early Dagerreotype, is a portrait of Thomas Hart Benton, a prominent Democraric Senator from Missouri (an on-again, off-agai Jacksonian, supporter of hard currency and on every side of the slavery question). Frederick Halpin (1805-1880) was a portrait and historical engraver and book illustrator. He was born in England, moved to New York about 1842 and was active till his death.. Covers browned and foxed at edges. Small chips from spine. Else, Very Good.
Price: $125.00
Frere, Thomas.- Hoyle's Games. Illustrated Edition. Embracing All the Most Modern Modes of Play, and the Rules Practised at the Present Time, in Billiards, Whist, Draughts, Cribbage, Backgammon, and All Other Fashionable Games; together with Sixteen Games Adapted to the New Yankee-Notion Cards. Also the Whole of Frère's Chess Hand-Book Containing, besides Elementary Instruction and the Laws of Chess, About Fifty Select Games by the First Players Endings of Games, and the Defeat of the Muzio Gambit. Also, Thirty-Six of the Choicest Chess Problems, and a Description of, and Rules for, Four-Handed Chess. New-York. T. W. Strong. N.D. [1857 ] Illustrated. First Edition by this publisher.. 324 pp. 15.3 cm., 12mo. NUC #NH 0565372. (NH 0565386 for 1866 edition). An early American edition of Hoyle's Games with much of Frère's wisdom on Chess. The first edition by this publisher, who had a second edition in1866. Wear at ends ofspine and corners.Mild foxing of preliminary pages. Front hinge starting internally. Owner's signature on front free end paper: "Thos E. Steere / Providence, R.I." Else a tight, Very Good copy.
Price: $95.00
Damrell & Moore, and, George Coolidge.- Boston Almanac for the Year 1856. No. XXI. Boston. John P. Jewett & Co. 1856. Numerous illustrated ads, some printed in gilt on red paper.. Folding map of Boston in front. First Edition. 240 pp. + ads. 16mo. A wonderfully informative almanac for Boston for 1856. Contains latest US Census, lists of Federal and state officers, the usual occupations, societies, organizations, omnibus stops, libraries etc. Covers fading. Few wormholes in front hinge. Map and all else Very Good +.
Price: $85.00
Hawthorne, Nathaniel.- Fire-Worship. In The United States Magazine and Democratic Review, Vol XIII, No. LXVI. December, 1843. Pp. 627-630. New York. J. & H. G. Langley. 1843. Frontispiece portrait of A. Mouton (engraved from a Daguerreotype by F. Halpin with tissue guard. First Edition. 112 pp. in entire monthly issue. 8vo. DNB (for Mouton). Browne, p. 54, 49. BAL7598. Frazer Clark, D55, A15.1.a1. Groce & Wallace, p.286 (for Halpin). The first edition of a story by Nathaniel Hawthorne, one of his "Separate Stories," in a single monthly issue of "The Democratic Review."Later reprinted in "Mosses from an Old Manse," Vol. I (1846). Other contents include a long biography of Percy Bysshe Shelley, a poem, "A Caution to Lovers," by William Ellery Channing, and a long editorial article answering Brownson's critics of his series of articles in this magazine. The editor strongly defends Brownson, with whom he disagrees, against his critics who demand his silencing in these pages. The frontispiece, from an early Dagerreotype, is a portrait of A[lexander] Mouton, a prominent Democraric politician from Louisiana, just then elected Governor of that state, later active in the Secession. Frederick Halpin (1805-1880) was a portrait and historical engraver and book illustrator. He was born in England, moved to New York about 1842 and was active till his death.. Covers soiled. Spine chipped with modest losses. Mild foxing. Else, Very Good.
Price: $125.00
Hawthorne, Nathaniel.- The Procession of Life. In The United States Magazine and Democratic Review, Vol XII, New Series No. LVIII. April, 1843. Pp. 360-366. New York. J. & H. G. Langley. 1843. Frontispiece engraving of Orestes A. Browns.Engraved by A. L. Dick, from a Daguerreotype by A. Morand, Jr. First Edition. 112 pp. + 6 pp. publisher's ads in entire monthly issue. 8vo. Browne, pp. 55, 49. BAL 7598. Groce & Wallace, p.178 (for Dick). Frazer Clark, D51, A15.1.a1. The first edition of a reflection on our lack of control of our own destinies by Nathaniel Hawthorne, in a single monthly issue of "The Democratic Review." It was later published in Volume 1 of "Mosses from an Old Manse". Other contents include a penetrating discourse on Democracy and Liberty , so relevant to our own time, by Orestes Brownson, an editorial critique of Brownson's discourse and a long article on capital punishment The frontispiece is a steel engraving by A[rchibald] L. Dick. Dick (ca. 1804-ca. 1855) was a Scottish born engraver, active in America from 1830 till his death ca. 1855. Covers soiled. Small chips at ends of spine. Else, Very Good.
Price: $125.00
Dunn, Robert.- A Case of Hemiplegia. With Cerebral Softening, and in Which Loss of Speech Was a Prominent Symptom. Reprinted from The Lancet, Oct. 26 & Nov. 2, 1850. London. The Lancet 1850. 16 pp. Small 8vo. Concise DNB (for Dunn). Not in G-M. An offprint from the 1850 Lancet of a paper originally read before the Royal Medical and Chirurgical Society of London, June 25, 1850. Inscribed: "Dr. Cogswell / with R Dunn's Comps". A very early clinical demonstration that the major form of the loss of speech function in stroke, aphasia, with a right hemiplegia, is associated with lesions in the anterior portion of the left cerebral cortex including areas near the Sylvian fissure. It precedes Broca's demonstration of the association of speech and Broca's area of the cortex. It does follow Bouillard's 1825 suggestion that aphasia is a consequence of frontal lobe injury. Dunn (1799-1877), a surgeon and F.R.C.S., contributed to medical and psychological reviews.
Price: $125.00
[Pitman, John].- [Pamphlet]. To the Members of the General Assembly of Rhode-Island. N.P. [Providence]. N.Pub.[Knowles & Vose]. N.D. [1842] First Edition. 24 pp. 8vo. Bartlett, pp. 83, 102, 205. M. E. Gettleman, The Dorr Rebellion, A Study in American Radic alism, 1833-1849, Random House, 1973.(especially pp. 57-58 and 73-74. Mowry, Dorr War, p. 28. NUC and Sabin attribute this anonymous pamphlet to Pitman. Not in American Imprints. Sabin 63054. One of the critical pamphlets relating to the Dorr Rebellion in Rhode Island, a central issue of which was the limitation of the Suffrage to property owners in a changing society at the spearhead of the Industrial Revolution. Pitman was a prominent Federal District Judge, whose correspondence with Justice Story and addresses to the people of Rhode Island as well as this one to the General Assembly, laid out some of the issues of the Dorr Rebellion and the conservative point of view. Originally a supporter of the extension of suffrage, Pitman changed his mind after the People's Convention of 1841 and the election of a new government, which he felt lacked authority. In opposing free suffrage, Pitman appeals to the Founding Fathers, especially Washington, to States' Rights (especially for Rhode Island, which still operated upon its old pre-Revolution charter without ever having written a new constitution), and to xenophobia, lest a Federal immigration policy overwhelm the State. He attacks Orestes Brownson (mistaking his name in the process), a Massachusetts reformer, who, although hardly involved in the Rhode Island problem, was a convenient target for Pitman's wrath. Browning of pages. Water stains. Chip from tail of leaf 1/2, without encroaching on text. Last leaf detached. Good.
Price: $350.00
Work, Henry Clay.- [Sheet Music}. Ring the Bell, Watchman. Song and Chorus. Chicago. Root & Cady. 1865. First Edition. 2 pp. Fo. Fuld, World Famous Music, p.349. A pre-fire Chicago musical imprint by Root & Cady. The words and music are by the illustrious composer of "Marching through Georgia" and other war songs and of temperance songs, Henry C. Work, possibly in celebration of full Black emancipation and the end of the Civil War. According to Fuld, "Marching through Georgia" was the most hated song in the South. Work (1832-84) was trained as a printer. Born in Connecticut, he moved to Illinois at age 3, as his father, an ardent abolitionist, was working for the Underground Railway. Henry C. Work, still a printer and later an inventor of toys and machines, offered a song to George Root, who encouraged him to write music full-time and published many of his songs. On rear cover is a gloriously illustrated publisher's ad. Not in American Imprints Inventory No. 4, Checklist of Chicago Ante-Fire Imprints, 1851-1871. Repaired transverse tear across pp. 1/2 not encroaching on text.Dampstain along leading edges. Hinge separated. Else, Good
Price: $1,440.00
[Lowell, James Russell] (pseudonym: A Wonderful Quiz).- A Fable for Critics; or, Better, A Glance at a Few of Our Literary Progenies from the Tub of Diogenes; a Vocal and Musical Medley, That Is, A Series of Jokes by a Wonderful Quiz. New York G. P. Putnam. 1848. First Edition, a mixture of fourth state (D), first printing and of second printing. 80 pp. 12mo. BAL 13062-3. Carroll A. Wilson, I, pp. 296-98. P. D. Howe, VIII, JRL 41. Cooke, p. 21, p. 28. A satire on the behaviors and styles of his literary confrères by James Russell Lowell. First Edition has Putnam at Broadway. Pp. 63-64 correctly numbered here (the first three issues were variously incorrectly numbered). While the title includes "a Vocal and Musical Medley", as in second printing, the typography in red on title page has "READER! walk up at once..." as in First Printings. No ads or Preliminary Note, as in Second Edition. The date of publication is the 21st of October, 1848, as in the First Edition (Cooke). Among the writers addressed are Holmes, Longfellow, Poe, B. Alcott, Carlyle, Cooper, Dana, Emerson, Thoreau, Hawthorne, Fuller and Whittier . Very few, including himself, escape Lowell's barbs. Covers soiled. Lacks front free end paper. Only a few spots of f oxing. Hinges cracking. Lacks upper half of spine and small chip from foot of spine. Internally, Very Good.
Price: $110.00
Culpepper, Nicholas.- The English Physician Enlarged, Containing Three Hundred and Sixty-Nine Receipts for Medicines Made from Herbs. Taunton, MA. Samuel W. Mortimer. 1826. Second American Edition. 259 pp. + Index 12mo. Culpepper (1616-54) was an Astrologer and Physician, who practiced in Spitalfields (now London). In 1649, he translated his first work on medicinals. In 1653, he published his first edition of THe English Physician. The first American edition was published in 1824 in Exeter, NH. Covers and free end papers detached, but present. Covers abraded. Wear on spine with loss of half of gilt titled black leather label. Owner's signature (in pencil) and stamp on front free end papers. Text slightly browned. Else, Very Good.
Price: $175.00
Sullivan, Arthur (Melodies) [and Gilbert, William Schwenck, (Words)].- [Sheet Music]. Her Majesty's Ship Pinafore. Boston. White, Smith & Co. 1879. First Edition. 21 pp. Fo. Baily, The G & S Book, pp. 168-79. A wonderful collection of songs from "HMS Pinafore" enclosed in humorously illustrated covers. Likely a piracy. G & S raged against the American piracies as "Pinafore" was having an enormous success on the London stage (Baily). Eight pirated productions were on stage in America during the first year of the London production. As a consequence, D'Oyly Carte came to America to assess the situation and organize an authorized American production.The plates are dated 1878 , but the ad on the back cover indicates a more likely date of 1879 for the publication. Included are: "He Is an Englishman", "A Maiden Fair to See", "Fair Moon, to Thee I Sing", "Little Buttercup", "Many Years Ago", "Sorry Her Lot", "When I Was a Lad", "Kind Captain", "Things Are Seldom What They Seem", "I Am the Monarch of the Sea." Two small closed tears at foot and at leading edge of front cover. Minimal soiling of covers. Else, Very Good.
Price: $145.00
[Sheet Music]. Russell, Henry (Music) and Mackay, Chas. (Words).- Long Parted Have We Been. London. Musical Bouquet Office. N.D. [ca. 1840-50] Illustrated. First Edition. 6 pp. Fo. Ewen, Pop.Am.Comp., pp.148-50. Appleton's Cycl. Am. Biog. Concise DNB. Krummel & Sadie, p.212. Dichter Handbook, #1810. Composed and sung by Henry Russell in "The Emigrant's Progress".Front cover illustrations (woodblock engravings) entitled "Mr. Henry Russell's Panorama of America". The central image is of the composer seated at the piano, with a large sailing ship evident through the window. The surrounding images portray an American ship; a British ship; a bucolic domestic landscape with a father returning from a row, being greeted by wife and child, before a cabin in the woods, amidst mountains and lakes ; a view of Niagara Falls; a scene of white dudes in a tavern, one having his boots removed by a Black (?slave), with another Black standing by with his slippers; a view of a slave auction. A facsimile of Russell's signature on the front cover. Henry Russell (1812-1900) was born in England of Jewish parentage. He studied with Bellini and knew Rossini, Donizetti and Meyerbeer. To seek his fortune he moved to America from 1833 to 1841, where his income came from his concerts (piano and voice recitals), not from his immensely popular sheet music, for which he received no royalties. Among his famous works are "Woodman, Spare That Tree," "The Indian Hunter," "That Old Gang of Mine," etc. He championed social causes like abolition (as in this item), reform of mental asylums and temperance. he was closely associated with "The Musical Bouquet. This song expresses the loneliness of an emigré and his enthusiasm for an imminent visit by a countryman. Dr. Charles Mackay (1814-1889) often wrote the poems for Russell's music. As a subeditor for "The Morning Chronicle", 1834-44, he must have known Charles Dickens. Pages separated. A few small closed tears at edges.. Mildly soiled. Else, Very Good.
Price: $225.00
Anonymous.- [Woodblock Print] Gadshill-Place, Near Rochester, the Home of Charles Dickens. In The Illustrated London News, Supplement, June 18, 1870, p. 637. London. The Illustraterd News. 1870. Illustrated. First Edition. 1 leaf (2 pp.). Fo. A woodblock print in the Illoiustrated News showing Charles Dickens in the garden at Gadshill Place. This was printed 1 week after Dickens' death, probably in association with an article about him. He had just been buried at Poets' Corner in Westmrnster Abbey. The print occupies one-half a page of the newspaper and is unsigned. Very Good +.
Price: $80.00
Wayland, Francis.- A Discourse Delivered at the Opening of The Providence Athenaeum. July 11, 1838. Published at the Request of the Directors of the Athenaeum. Providence. Knowles, Vose & Company. 1838. First Edition 37 pp. 8vo. Rev. Francis Wayland, President of Brown University, delivered this stirring address at the opening of one of our nation's oldest libraies, The Providence Athenaeum. It was a subscription library and had 300 subscribers. Wayland spoke of the development, through such institutions, of the intellectual, moral, scientific and economic capacity of a society. He thought that the religious aspects of humankind were well taken care of by other social institutions and was not the concern of the library. The library had the capacity, if used properly, to expand the attainments of all individuals, enhancing their knowledge and power. He urged the directors to expand the openness of their institution to thousands, so that Providence could be a beacon to the entire society of America. Minimal foxing of cover. Minimal browning of edges. Else, Very Good.
Price: $100.00
Howard, G. C. (Words and Music).- Tom Tit. Song Sung by Little Cordelia Howard in the Dramatic Representation of Tom Tit as Conceived by Mrs. H. B. Stowe in Her Popular Work "Dred or the Great Dismal Swamp," and as Performed Nightly to Crowded Houses. Words and Music by Her Father G. C. Howard. New York. Horace Waters. 1856. Engraved by G. Kirk First Edition. 5 pp. Fo. The title page reports: 'There is a beautiful lithographed likeness of the ever popular Cordelia 'in costume' " No illustration is present. Cordelia Howard was "Little Eva" in the major production of "Uncle Tom's Cabin" in New York, an adaptation of Mrs. H. B. Stowe's novel, the sensation of 1852-53. The "EVA of the Age" was born in Providence, R.I. in1848. She first played Eva at the Troy Museum 1852, made her first appearance in New York in that character at the National Theatre in 1853. Dubbed "Little Cordelia" by her father, she rose to the heights of promotion that her father fostered successfully for some time. The dramatic version of "Uncle Tom's Cabin" was written by George L. Aiken in 1852 at the suggestion of George C. Howard, who was manager of the theatre in Troy, NY,where Cordelia first starred as Little Eva. Uncle Tom was played by G. C. German. Here, with "Tom Tit", Howard continues to press his daughter's career with a productiuon of "Dred". Slight yellowing of page edges. Else, Very Good.
Price: $150.00
Swift, H.- [Sheet Music] Uncle Tom. Song and Chorus. Subject from Uncle Tom's Cabin. Dedicated to W. H. J. New York. W. Hill. 1852. First Edition. 5 pp. Fo. A lament of the slaves at the selling and removal of Uncle Tom. The chastising of the Massa for sending Tom away in the face of the loyalty of his entire retinue of slaves. Soiling of Covers. Title page reinforced at hinge. Chips from foot at hinge. Browning of page edges. Two small closed tears at leading edge of pp.3/4. Else, Very Good.
Price: $125.00
[Temperance Broadside].- Certificate of Membership in Connecticut Cold Water Army. New Haven.87878 Hitchcock & Stafford, Printers. 1842. Illustrated with a woodcut, unsigned. 1p. 7 1/2" x 9 3/4". A temperance broadside certifying that H. Russell Cosby had taken the Cold Water Pledge, which is printed on the certificate. Cosby's name is neatly inscribed on the certificate in blue ink, while the signatures of Th. S. Williams, President of the Connecticut Temperance Society, Chas. J. Warren, the Secretary and the countersignature of Saml. Mallett, Leader of the Bridgeport Division, are printed on the form, which bears the printed date of July 4th, 1842. The Cold Water Army Pledge, composed of short verses, each line of which is a biblical quotation (with references provided below in print). The image shows a parade of children past a drunkard and skeleton and bearing signs proclaiming "No Alcohol" and "Cold Water Army." The leader offers the drunkard a pen and a scroll calling for "Total Abstinence" for his signature. At top is an eagle bearing ribbons in his mouth inscribed with the praises of water and a shield with a Latin motto. All are surrounded by an elaborate decorative printed border. A grand production. The forerunner of The Connecticut Temperance Society, the first in America, was established in 1789, largely stimulated by Dr. Benjamin Rush's diatribe against alcohol excess 5 years earlier. Yale has a copy in its Temperance Collection (Box 1, Folder 3). Very Good +.
Price: $550.00
Elizabeth, Charlotte.- The Wrongs of Woman. The Little Pin-Headers. New York. John S. Taylor & Co. 1844. First Edition. 115 pp. + 8 pp. publisher's ads. 12mo. A spirited exhortation against child labor. Has a coterie of cruel overseers, pitiful and malnourished children, Irish orphans, money grubbing factory owners, etc. A church tract decrying the evil side of the industrial revolution. Wear at ends of spine and corners. Lacks front and rear free end papers. Foxing. Short closed tear at foot of pp. 35/36. Else, Very Good.
Price: $90.00
[Sheet Music]. Jackson, Geo. Russell (Words) and Snow, J. Albert (Music).- The Children's Christmas Carol. Boston. W. A. Evans & Bro. 1882. Illustrated cover. First Edition. 3 pp. Fo. A Christmas song, with cover illustrated with bold image of "Santa Claus", in the style of Thomas Nast (not stated). Santa is standing on a snowy rooftop, leaning his bag of toys against the chimney, smoking his clay pipe and reading a chapbook. The moonlit town shows leafless trees and a church nearby. A dramatic image of the newly described Santa Claus. the cover is printed with the name of a San Francisco bookseller and the message: "Richardson Bros., wish you 'a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.' " Publisher's ads on rear cover. Foxed. Closed tears at margins, one barely involving image and text. Soiled covers. Good.
Price: $150.00
Langton, Robert.- The Childhood and Youth of Charles Dickens. With Retrospective Notes and Elucidations from His Books and Letters. With Frontispiece in Photogravure and Eighty-Two Wood-Engravings by the Author. London. Hutchinson & Co. 1912. Illustrated. Later Edition. 260 pp. 8vo. An early biographyof Charles Dickens as a boy and young adult. Thoroughly illustrated and correlated with his writings. Originally issued in a limited edition in 1891. Thin wrinkle on front cover. Else, Very Good.
Price: $68.00
Buchanan-Brown, John.- Phiz! Illustrator of Dickens' World. New York. Charles Scribner's Sons. 1978. Copiously illustrated. First Edition. 207 pp. 8vo. An illustrated view of Phiz's impact on the works of Dickens over 30 years, as well as Ainsworth, Lever, Le Fanu, Surtees, F. Trollope, etc. 200 illustrations. An extensive introduction by Buchanan-Brown and a checklist. Mild abrasion at foot of front cover. Dust jacket lacks two chips, at head of spine and tail of front cover. Else, Very Good.
Price: $25.00
Weber.- Early 19th Century French Stipple Engraving of the Reichenbach Falls. N.P. N.Pub. N.D. First Edition. 10 3/4" x 15 5/8". An early 19th century French stipple engraving of the Reichenbach Falls. Drawn from nature. Engraved by "Weber." It was here that A. Conan Doyle had Sherlock Holmes and Professor Moriarty fall, in close combat, to their likely death. We know that Holmes miraculously survived. One can trace Holmes's route along the banks, as elaborated by Conan Doyle.
Price: $900.00
Baker, Richard M.- The Drood Murder Case. Five Studies in Dickens's Edwin Drood. Berkeley and Los Angeles. University of California Press. 1951. First Book Edition. 195 pp. 8vo. A collection of five papers on Dickens' "TheMystery of Edwin Drood" Lacks D.J. Cover soiled, worn at corners, marred and faded. Front few pages lightly creased at upper free corner. Else, Good+.
Price: $25.00
Scott, Sir Walter.- Rob Roy. Philadelphia. T.B. Peterson & Brothera. N.D. [1867]. Portraitof Scott on the cover. American Reprint Edition. 129 pp. + publisher's ads. 8vo. Todd & Bowden, 112Aa-Ad, 112Rb-112Rj. Husband, Dictionary of Wav. Novels. Thomson, Bull. Free Lib. Phil. No.1, p.58. The date ofthis issue is established from the publisher's ads bound in, which advertise for the 1868 edition of Peterson''s magazine. The entire set of Waverly Novels in 26 volumes, of which this is a part, is also advertised at 20 cents per volume. Rob Roy is a novel about the venturesome deeds of Red Robert, a leader of the ill-treated Highland Scots clan of MacGregor in the period of the late 17th-early 18th centuries. He was known as the " Robin Hood of Scotland." It was originally published in1817, with earliest American editions from 1818 to 1832. Few small chips and tears at margins of covers. A few spots of foxing. Else, Very Good.
Price: $125.00
Ricord, Philippe.- A Practical Treatise on Venereal Disorders: and More Especiallly on the History and Treatment of Chancre. [In a Series of Articles from the Edinburgh Medical and Surgical Journal: Nos. 135, 136, and 139.]. Philadelphia. Haswell, Barrington, and Haswell. 1840. First Edition. 58 pp. 8vo. G.- M. 2381. An English translation of "Traité pratique des maladies vénériennes", published in Paris in 1838 by Phillipe Ricord (1800-1889). After Hunter, Ricord was the greatest authority on venereal disease (G.- M. 5202). He proved that syphilis and gonorrhea were separate diseases, described the chancre as the initial stage of syphilis and divided the natural history of the disease into the three srages, primary, secondary and tertiary lues. This article, based on Bell's translation in the Edinburgh Journal, omits some of the historical material and clinical cases; it precedes Garrison and Morton's claim that the first English translation was in 1842. Very Good.
Price: $225.00
James, William.- Memories and Studies. New York. Longmans, Green, and Co. 1912. Second Printing. 411 pp. 8vo. A posthumous collection of popular essays and addresses previously published by the great psychologist, William James [1842-1910]. Collected by his son, Henry James, Jr. Among the essays are James's observations on psychical phenomena and spiritualism and his discussionof the moral equivalent of war. Mild soiling of covers. Minimal edge wear. Else, Very Good.
Price: $38.00
Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth (Words) and Lindsay, Miss M. (Music).- The Bridge ("I Stood on the Bridge at Midnight"). N.P. [Boston]. N.Pub. [O.Ditson]. N.D. [ca.1865] Cover lithography by J. H. Bufford's. First Edition. 5 pp. Fo. Groce and Wallace (for Bufford). Peters, America on Stone, 118-27 (for Bufford). BAL. p.619. A wonderful renaissance image on cover. A scarce piece of sheet music with a poem of Longfellow set to music. Several composers issued music for "The Bridge." John H. Bufford was a lithographer and publisher of prints. After 4 years in New York, he moved to Boston in 1839, later becoming associated with B. W. Thayer & Co. till 1844, when he started his own firm. He did a rare view of Princeton University and many town views as well as great whaling scenes. His work had an enormous range. Winslow Homer was his apprentice, 1855-57. Trimmed at top and bottom. Browning of page edges. Else, Very Good.
Price: $130.00
Crowquill, Alfred (pseudonym) [Alfred Henry Forrester].- A Bundle of Crowquills, Dropped by Alfred Crowquill, in His Eccentric Flights over the Fields of Literature. London. G. Routledge & Co. 1854. Frontispiece engraved by Dalziel and wood engravings in text by Crowquill, engraved by Lee. Sixteenth Thousand, 245 pp. + 10 pp. publisher's catalogue. Small 8vo. A collection of tales, comic drawings and commentary by Alfred Henry Forrester, whose pseudonym, Alfred Crowquill sometimes encompassed works by his brother, as well, until 1844. Crowquill illustrated several works of Charles Dickens and other contemporary literary luminaries, as well as his own work for "Bentley's Miscellany" and other publications. The comic verse is often very witty, especially "Owed to My Creditors" on p. 134. The preface consists of but two words: "Read it!" Worn at edges. Most of spine lost, with crude replacement by paper tape. Chips, especially at fore edges, from paper covering boards, involving mainly the margins of the illustrations. Front hinge cracked internally. Slightly shaken. Text block Very Good.
Price: $275.00
Canning, Albert S[tratford] G[eorge].- Dickens Studied in Six Novels. London. T. Fisher Unwin. 1912. Frontispiece portrait of author. First Edition. 176 pp. + 4 pp. publisher's ads. 8vo. VanderPoel D59. Cox 772, 773. NCBEL III 839. Not in Podeschi. A critical review of some of Dickens' work by one who knew him personally. Chapter on "Edwin Drood". Canning, an acquaintance of Dickens, writes a literary critique of Dickens through an analysis of six novels. These include "The Mystery of Edwin Drood," which he admires greatly. As Cox notes, Canning respects Dickens' religious motives, as revealed in "The Mystery of Edwin Drood." Bookplate on front pastedown and owner's signature on front free end paper. Minor foxing of preliminaries. Mild wear at ends of spine and corners. Else, Very Good.
Price: $55.00
Donnelly, Ned.- Ned Donnelly's Art of Boxing. A Manual of Sparring and Self Defense. Illustrated with Forty Engravings Showing the Various Blows, stops and Guards. and Explaining All the Modern Methods of Attack and Defense. New York. Dick & Fitzgerald, Publishers. N.D. [ca 1895] First or Early Edition. 121 pp. + 17 pp. publisher's catalogue at rear. Ads. on rear cover. 12mo. Hartley 526. Ned Donnelly identifies himself as Professor of Boxing to the London Athletic Club, &c., &c. Details on tactics for delivering, blocking and countering body and head blows are described and illustrated. An interesting manual, well illustrated, in its early edition published by Dick & Fitzgerald. Chips from ends of spine, edges and corners of covers, not encroaching on text or decorations. Else, Very Good.
Price: $225.00
O'Connell, Daniel, and Chase, S[almon] P[ortland].- [Pamphlet}. Liberty or Slavery? Letter of Daniel O'Connell on American Slavery. Letter of Hon. S. P. Chase in Reply to Daniel O'Connell. Cincinnati, OH. (The Catholic Telegraph ) Chronicle Print. 1863. First Edition in 15 pp. 8vo. LCP/HSP Afro-Americana #7263. In 1843, the great Irish patriot and leader, Daniel O'Connell, addressed a letter "to a Committee of the Cincinnati Irish Repeal Association, who had rebuked him for his Anti-Slavery opinions....This bold....protest of the great Irish Orator against the cruel injustice of American Slavery" remained unanswered by the Cincinnati group. However, Salmon P. Chase, later Secretary of the Treasury to Lincoln, was entrusted by a group of Irish Americans in Cincinnati to provide a reply, addressed to the Loyal National Repeal Association. Chase reviewed the history of slavery in America and calls for its abolition in ringing terms. He also calls for a repeal of the subjugation of the Irish by the British government. These two Irish and Irish-American appeals for the abolition of slavery were published by the Cincinnati Catholic Telegraph in 1863, 20 years after their original writing. Chase fell out with Lincoln and later had Presidential aspirations. But he was appointed Chief Justice of the Supreme Court by Lincoln and served through Reconstruction and the impeachment of Andrew Johnson. Signature on front cover by I. / [?J.] A. Graham and (?) by S.P. Chase. Inscribed on p.1, possibly by Chase,: "1864, July 22. Gift of C. Sumner. (Class of 1830)." Sumner, a brilliant lawyer, a graduate of Harvard College (1830), and later famously a Senator from Massachusetts and the great orator of the anti-slavery movement, apparently owned this copy Chips from edges of covers without encroaching on text or image. Removed. Else, Very Good.
Price: $285.00
Simpson, Margaret.- The Companion to Hard Times. Westport, CT. Greenwood Press. 1997. Illustrated. First Edition. 285 pp. 8vo. One of the on-going series of volumes annotating the major works of Charles Dickens. Each volume is dedicated to a single novel, this one to "Hard Times." The notes are principally factual, rather than critical. They tell much about Victorian culture, Dickens in his times, his associations and the cultural context of the novels. As New.
Price: $110.00
[Evans, Mary Ann] (pseudonym: George Eliot).- Felix Holt, the Radical. A Novel. New York. Harper and Brothers ("The American News Company"). 1866. First American Edition. 184 pp. + publisher's ads front (2 pp.) and rear (10 pp.). 8vo. Rignall, Oxford Reader's Companion to George Eliot, 112-18. Eliot had put aside "The Spanish Gypsy" to write "Felix Holt, the Radical." A political novel. it received mixed acceptance and reviews. Henry James found the hero incomplete and unthrilling. Others find Eliot's attitudes toward women too conservative and ambivalent, though Mrs. Transome is "the most radical person in 'Felix Holt,'" successfully "challenging Victorian attitudes toward women and sex far more than Felix Holt's political ideas and practice." (Rignall). The novel is a statement of Eliot's perception for the need for political and social reform in England. Wrapper lacks 1/2" strip from top of front wrapper and head of spine. 1 1/4" lacking from wrapper at foot of spine. Mild soiling of covers. Pp. 95-155 pierced without loss of text. Else, Good +.
Price: $175.00
Anonymous .- [Broadside]. Pollock's Characters & Scenes in Oliver Twist, Plates. Characters, 1 Set Piece, 3 wings, and 13 Scenes. Total 23. With Book to the Above. (?Title Page). London. B. Pollock N.D. Woodblock illustrations with hand coloring. First Edition. 1 p. 8vo sheet. Podeschi C35. VanderPoel B109(1), (2), 110. Suzannet, E.35 (with plate of this illustration). Rather crudely done illustrations of some of the characters and scenes from Dickens' "Oliver Twist." Likely from an early edition of what is known from Podeschi as "Pollocks' Juvenile Drama. Oliver Twist, or the Parish Boy's Progress. A Drama. With Plates Adapted Only for Pollock's Characters and Scenes." The address, at 73 Hoxton Street, in the Gimbel issue is the same as provided for Redington on other similar plates. Redington had been a predecessor of Pollock and was his father-in-law. The plates were issued separately from the text of the play, which was claimed to be the only juvenile dramatization of Dickens' works. Even in Pollock's edition, some of the plates retained the Redington attribution. No date is listed. Podeschi estimates ca.1860, while a similar production in the VanderPoel collection estimates the date to be ca. 1839. Small closed tear inbottom margin encroaching on publisher'sattribution, with no loss. Else, Very Good
Price: $100.00
Dickens, Charles.- Holiday Romance. In Four Parts. In Our Young Folks. An Illustrated Magazine for Boys and Girls. Edited by J. T. Trowbridge and Lucy Larcom. Vol. IV, pp. 1-7, 129-136, 193-200, 257-263. Boston. Ticknor and Fields. 1868. Frontispiece Portrait of Dickens and Illustrations by John Gilbert, G. G. White and Sol Eytinge. First Edition. 8vo. Wilkins, p.34. Podeschi (Gimbel) E154; G211. The four stories comprising "Holiday Romance" were first published in America in "Our Young Folks" before any English publication. Dickens was paid £1000 for the story, written especially for this periodical. It was shortly published also in "All the Year Round." In addition to the portrait and the illustrations by Sir John Gilbert, there are initial letter designs by G. G. White and Sol Eytinge. Publication of the Second Part of "Holiday Romance" had been delayed because the illustrations were not ready on time. This volume also includes stories by Harriet Beecher Stowe. Leather worn at spine and corners. Internal hinges starting a bit at end papers. First two issues and frontispiece creased. Minimal foxing of first two issues. Else, Very Good.
Price: $350.00
[Sheet Music] Longfellow, [Heny Wadsworth] and Balfe, M. W.- The Day is Done. Song. Poetry by Longfellow. Music Composed by M[ichael W[illiam] Balfe. Philadelphia. Lee & Walker. N.D. [1856-57] Cover engraving signed "Crap." First Edition. 9 pp. Fo. BAL, p. 620, & #12075. P.D. Howe Lib.,#HWL 98. Fisher, 150 Years of Music Publ. in the U.S. Fuld, 286-7. The publisher, Lee & Walker, is the successor firm to George Willig, one of the first music publishers in America, having opened in 1794. Willig was absorbed into Lee & Walker in 1856, which was bought out by Oliver Ditson & Co. of Boston in 1875. M.W. Balfe was born in Dublin in 1808 and died there in 1870 and was the illustrious composer of the opera, "The Bohemian Girl" in 1843. (see item #8292). Accordingly, this music appears to have been published in1856-57, after which the 1858 reissue was printed in Boston. The Longfellow poem was first printed in "The Waif: Poems" in 1845. Few small marginal tears. Back hinge cracking. Minor soiling. Overall, Very Good.
Price: $125.00
Field, Kate.-] Pen Photographs of Charles Dickens's Readings. Taken from Life. New and Enlarged Edition, with Illustrations. Boston. James R. Osgood and Company. 1871. Illustrated Second Edition. 152 pp. 8vo. First Edition was published in 1868. A loving description of Dickens's Readings in America in 1867-68. She reviews the readings of Christmas Carol, David Copperfield, Nicholas Nickleby, Little Dombey, Doctor Marigold, Boots of the Holly Tree Inn, Mr. Bob Sawyer's Party and the Trial Scene from Pickwick Papers. Her final assesment of Dickens, in a note entitled "Exeunt Omnes", has not been surpassed. Ex libris. Library markings and residua. Slight wear at ends of spine and corners. Else, Very Good.
Price: $155.00
Frieze, Jacob.- A Concise History, of the Efforts to Obtain an Extension of Suffrage in Rhode Island; from the Year 1811 to 1842. Providence. Benjamin F . Moore. 1842. First Edition. 171 pp. 12mo. Bartlett, p. 129. Heard & Hamsa, Bookman's Guide to Americana (9th Ed.),p. 160. Park, RI Biblio., #363.Gettleman, "The Dorr Rebellion." Sabin 25966. Jacob Frieze was an anti-Dorr pamphleteer, who had, in fact, voted for the People's Constitution in December, 1841, under the impression that it was an opinion without binding force. This volume is accepted as the standard Law & Order accountof the Dorr Rebellion. Foxed. Wear to Head and Tail and Edges of Spine and to Corners.Front Cover Stain.Else, Very Good. 250.00 8279
Price: $250.00
The Brothers Mayhew.- Whom to Marry and How to Get Married! Or, the Adventures of a Lady in Search of a Good Husband. London. David Bogue. N.D. [1858] First Edition. 271 pp. 8vo. Patten, "Revaluation," and "George Cruikshank's Life Times and Art," II. A comical work by the Mayhews and George Cruikshank in a curiously updated binding. Cruikshank did not work for the upper class "Punch," but did work with "Punch" authors like the Mayhews. He patterned this volume of 1848 after "The Greatest Plague of Life" (1847), both books as illustrations of typical "Punch" jokes. The Cruikshank illustrations are much less sneering than the text by the Mayhews, who also edited his "Comic Almanac." In "Whom to Marry," the antecedent joke was the most popular ever published in "Punch"; an ad for home furnishings ran: "Worthy of Attention. Advice to Persons about to Marry, - Don't!" The volume came out in six monthly numbers, November, 1847 to March, 1848, in wraps. Cruikshank had an especially amicable relationship with his publisher, David Bogue, who had occasion to bail the artist out of jail when, around the year of this publication, Cruikshank again took to excessive drinking. Very Good.
Price: $425.00
[Curtis, George William] (pseud.: Paul Potiphar).- The Potiphar Papers (Reprinted from "Putnam's Monthly."). New York. G. P. Putnam and Company 1854. First Edition. Sixth Thousand. 251 pp. 12mo. Cushing, p. 238,400. Haynes, p. 78. Stonehill. Bartlett, Bibliography of Rhode Island. Wright 2, 676. BAL 4267. Curtis (b. 1824) was an American journalist, after 1857 editor of "Harper's Weekly." He was born in Providence, RI, whence, at age 15, he moved to New York. At 18 he joined Brook Farm for 18 months with his elder brother, then taking up farming in Concord. in 1846 he left for a tour of Europe, before working on the New York "Tribune" until joining Harper's. Curtis is cited by Bartlett for an address in rhyme on the Sons of Rhode Island delivered at the New York Historical Society in 1863. Shaken. Cover faded and worn. Small marginal stains. Else, Good.
Price: $55.00
[Print, Vanity Fair]. "Ape"- "The Diogenes of the Modern Corinthians without His Tub." Thomas Carlyle. London. Vanity Fair. 1870. First Edition. 1 p. 9 1/8" x 14". A wonderful image of Carlyle. Vincent Brooks Day & Son, Lithographers.
Price: $120.00
[Print, Vanity Fair],- "Hosea Biglow." James Russell Lowell, LLD. London. Vanity Fair. 1880. Artist: "T" (? Chartran). First Edition. 1 p. 10 1/2" x 15". A Vanity Fair print of James Russell Lowell. Vincent Brooks Day & Son, Lithographers. Very Good.
Price: $90.00
Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth, and Dempster, William R.- [Sheet Music] The Rainy Day. Poetry by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Music by William R. Dempster. Boston O. Ditson & Co. 1847 [1863-67]. Likely second printing of covers on first edition of music from original plates, #1389. 7 pp. Fo. BAL p.627. Fisher, 150 Years of Music Publishing in the U.S. A Longfellow poem set to music. It was originally published in 1847, still so stated on cover and on text pages along with original plate number for text. From the publisher's address and list of partners, this issue of the cover,at least, must have been printed in the interval 1864-6. Minimal soiling of cover. Owner's signature in pencil on cover, dated Sept 24, 1867. Else, Very Good.
Price: $125.00
Wilde, Oscar.- Salome. A Tragedy in One Act Translated from the French of Oscar Wilde by Lord Alfred Douglas. New York.. The Heritage Press.. 1945.. Decorated, illustrated and hand-illuminated by Valenti Angelo First Edition, as Such. 51 pp. 8vo. Wilde's play, in a highly decorated edition. Each printed page is surrounded by an elaborate yellow border decorated in red,. Edges of slip case bumped. Else, Near Fine.
Price: $40.00
Whitman, Walt.- Two Prefaces. Garden City. Doubleday, Page & Co. 1926. Frontispiece of Jo Davidson's sculpture of Whitman. First Edition (so stated). 67 pp. 12mo. The original prefaces to "Leaves of Grass" (1855) and "A Backward Glance o'er Travel'd Roads" (1888). Introduction by Christopher Morley. Title page printed in red and black Light crease of frontispiece, not encroaching on the image. Lacks D.J. Tiny chip from printed label. Else Very Good +.
Price: $45.00
Stevenson, Robert Louis.- Ballads. London. Chatto and Windus. 1890. First Edition 137 pp. 12mo. Princeton Catalogue 46A (B532). The longer poems of Robert Louis Stevenson in the first edition Wear at ends of spine, edges of boards and corners. Boards slightly abraded. Front hinge starting. Else, Very Good.
Price: $100.00
Thackeray, William Makepeace.- The History of Pendennis. His Fortunes and Misfortunes, His Friends and His Greatest Enemy. 2 Vols. New York. Harper & Brothers.Titled in Gilt on spine. 1850 Illustrated by Thackeray. First American Edition Van Duzer, p.99 This Edition Contains all the Suppressed Material and Illustrations (pp. 157, 158) as Called for in True First Issue (American & English). Wear at ends of spine,edges of boards and corners. Else, Very Good.
Price: $350.00
Spear, Charles.- Essays on the Punishment of Death (Capital Punishment). Boston. Charles Spear. 1844. Stipple engraving frontispiece by W. Thorp, engraved by Bouvé and Sharp. Seventh Edition(So Stated; Same Year as First Publication). 237 pp. + 14 pp. Ads, etc. 6to. Sabin 89066. An important 19th Century view of capital punishment. Known to be in the library of Thomas Wilson Dorr while he was imprisoned for leading the armed "Dorr Rebellion" in Rhode Island in favor of popular voting rights not tied to property ownership. Includes among Appendices a compendium of capital çrimes in the United States and the several ßtates. ßtated Seventh Edition. Was there, in this case, inflation of the number of Editions declared , a common 19th Century publishing practice used to foster the notion of a Best Seller? Spear (1803- 1863) wrote critically of capital punishment, which he thought was a vengeful usurpation of divine power. In 1845 he was appointed General Secretary of the Massachusetts Society for the Abolition of Capital Punishment. Minimal wear at ends of spine. Foxing of frontispiece, chiefly in margin. Else, Very Good.
Price: $165.00
Sanborn, F[ranklin] B[enjamin] (Editor).- The Life and Letters of John Brown, Liberator of Kansas, and Martyr of Virginia. Boston. Roberts Brothers. 1885. Frontispiece portrait of Brown. Other portraits and illustrations as well as facsimiles of letters from Brown. First Edition. 645 pp. 8vo. LCP/HSP Afro-Americana #9086 (only English edition listed). DAB (for Sanborn) A biography of Brown by his friend and supporter, a New England abolitionist. Sanborn (1831-1917) was closely acquainted with Emerson, living in Concord and running a school there. He met John Brown in Boston in 1857, and, captivated by him, became his New England agent. He failed to dissuade Brown from the raid at Harpers Ferry, but aided him. The US Senate ordered Sanborn's arrest. Twice he ran to Canada, but was arrested in Concord. The arresting party was chased out of town by a posse. Massachusetts Chief Justice Lemuel Shaw (father-in-law of Herman Melville and presiding judge at the infamous trial of Professor John W. Webster for the murder of Dr. George Parkman at the Harvard Medical School in 1850) ordered his discharge. Sanborn turned to newspaper work, public supervision of charities and writing, chiefly on Brown and the Concord luminaries, Emerson, Thoreau, Bronson Alcott, et al. "He never lost his passion for liberty and justice" (DAB). Slight soiling of cover. Slight wear at ends of spine. Owner's library stamp on title page. Small marginal water mark on front end paper, front end of text block and frontispiece page. Front hinge barely starting internally. Else, Very Good.
Price: $310.00
Ramsay, David.- History of South Carolina, from Its First Settlement in 1670 to the Year 1808. Complete in One Volume. Two Volumes Bound in One Volume. Newberry, SC. W. J. Duffie. 1858. Reprinted from 1809 Edition. viii, 274, 307 pp. 8vo. Howes R34 (Howes III, R33). Evans 22090. Ex Libris. Two Maps. One Volume reissue of the two-volume original published in 1785. Evans notes that Ramsay petitioned Congress on April 15, 1789 for copyright protection on his two works, this volume and his proposed "History of the American Revolution." Congress granted his request on April 20, 1789. These were the first copyrights issued by the American government and antedate by more than a year the passage of a general copyright law, which became effective on June 1, 1790. Ramsay, a physician, was notoriously independent minded and was once caned on the streets of Charleston. Perforated title page with small chip missing at margin. Modest library labels.and markings. Wear to edges of spine and boards. Else a very good and tight copy without foxing or browning.
Price: $300.00
Lossing, Benson J.- The Pictorial Field-Book of the Revolution; or, Illustrations by Pen and Pencil, of the History, Biography, Scenery, Relics, and Traditions of the War for Independence. With Eleven Hundred Engravings on Wood, by Lossing and Barritt. Chiefly from Original Sketches by the Author. New York. Harper Brothers. 1850-1855 Printed and engraved titles, the latter drawn by S. Wailin, engraved by Lossing and Barritt. Engravings in text, as noted. Engraved frontispiece of the signers in Volume 2. ?Second Edition. 783, 772 pp. 4to Howes L-477. Sabin 42129. Groce & Wallace (for Wallin). Lossing's famous illustrated history of the American Revolution. A lovely set, probably a later issue. Sabin values the books for their information, not to be found elsewhere, making this work "a cyclopedia of the American Revolution." 9Lossing was an author, editor and engraver, prolific in his output. Samuel Wallin was an engraver and draftsman active in New York , 1838-51. He exhibited at the National Academy. Gilt very bright. Minimal wear along edges and corners. Lacks frontispiece in Volume 1. Front hinge starting internally. Owner's bookplate on front pastedown of both volumes. Else, Very Good.
Price: $295.00
James, Henry.- The Bostonians. A Novel. London and New York Macmillan and Co. 1886. First one-Volume Edition. 449 pp. + 16 pp. publisher's catalogue at rear. 8vo. Covers mildly soiled and abraded. Corners bumped. Minimal foxing on title and staining of preliminary pages. Else, Very Good.
Price: $500.00
Irving, Washington (pseudonym: Diedrich Knickerbocker).- A History of New York from the Beginning of the World to the End of the Dutch Dynasty. Containing among Many Surprises and Curious Matters, the Unutterable Ponderings of Walter the Doubter, the Disastrous Projects of William the Testy, and the Chivalric Achievements of Peter the Headstrong, The Three Dutch Governors of New Amsterdam. Being the Only Authentic History of the Times that Ever Hath Been or Ever Will Be Published. In Two Volumes. Philadelphia. Lea and Blanchard. 1840. "A New Edition" 276, 235 pp. 12mo. Williams & Edge, p. 63 Originally published in 1809. Second printing of 1839 edition. Covers mildly abraded. Corners bumped. Spine labels chipped and soiled. Mild foxing. Lacks one of two front free flyleafs of Vol. II. Else, Good +. 145.00 6798 Jackson, Andrew.- Annual Messages, Veto Messages, Protest &c. of Andrew Jackson, President of the United States. Baltimore. Edward J. Coale & Co.. 1835. Second Edition. 272 pp. + 3 pp. publisher's ads at rear. 8vo. Not in Howes, AmImp, Sabin, Wise & Cronin or NUC. An unrecorded compilation of the Presidential writings of Andrew Jackson, from his Inaugural Address (for both terms), through his Messages to Congress (Annual and otherwise) and including his Veto messages during the contentious issues of his administration. The veto messsage on the Bank Bill is included. His message of Protest to the Senate for his having been censured by them for arrogation of powers is also here. A very revealing volume on the difficult issues faced by the President in the early 19th century. Mild foxing, chiefly of preliminary pages. Spine label chipped and soiled. Wear and cracking of hinges. Corners bumped. faint water stain at lower margin of late pages. Else, Very Good, with tight, clean text.
Price: $275.00
Houghton, Eliza P. Donner.- The Expedition of the Donner Party and Its Tragic Fate. Glendale, CA. The Arthur H. Clark Co.(Grafton Publishing Co). 1920. Portraits of author & her husband as frontispieces. Illustrated. First Edition. 375 pp. 8vo. Donald L. Hardesty, The Archaeology of the Donner Party, University of Nevada Press ( Review in AB, 11/3/97). An Insider's View of the Donner Party. Grafton Publishing Corporation Cancelled by Overlay Label of Arthur Clark Company. Illustrated. Author Was in the Donner Party as a Child under Her Father's Leadership. Ex Libris. Library Bookplate on Front Pastedown. Other slips and spine label as expected. Hinges cracking internally.Wear at ends of spine and corners.. Foredge untrimmed. Corner of pp. 343/4 torn with small loss of text. Else, Very Good.
Price: $85.00
Forrester , Alfred Henry (Alfred Crowqill).- Comic Arithmetic. London. Richard Bentley. 1844. Well Illustrated by Crowquill. First Edition. 177 pp. + 3 pp. publisher's ads 12mo. Humorous anecdotes based on arithmetic and arithmetic operations. Forrester (1805-72) was an English humorist, both writer and artist. Until 1844, he worked illustrating his brother's (Charles Robert Forrester) writings. Among his works were: "The Tour of Dr. Syntax" (1838), "The Travels of Baron Munchausen" (1859) and "The Adventures of Master Owl-Glass," as well as work for "Punch," Bentley's "Miscellany," the " Illustrated London News," etc. Very Good.
Price: $175.00
Field, Kate.- Hap-Hazard. Boston. James R. Osgood and Company. 1873. Decorative cartouches at beginnings and ends of sections as well as decorative initials for each chapter. A single line illustration. First Edition. 253 pp. 12mo. Kate Field, an American writer, devotee of Charles Dickens, author of "Pen Photographs of Charles Dickens's Readings. Taken from Life" based on Dickens' readings in America in 1868, traveled extensively in America and Europe. She wrote much for "Every Saturday", The New York Tribune, etc. , and some of these journalistic efforts comprise this volume. In it she reveals her anti-slavery position (despite an element of "Gentlemen's Agreement" bigotry toward Blacks), her stand for women's rights, her affection for Charles Dickens , a strong sense of the American personality and an acute awareness of differences between 19th century Americans and Europeans, particularly the French and British. The book is dedicated to " all young women in search of careers or titled husbands." Minor wear at ends of spineand corners. A Very Good to Near Fine copy of a scarce item.
Price: $150.00
Anonymous.- The Nebraska Question Comprising Speeches in the United States Senate by Mr. Douglas, Mr. Chase, Mr. Smith, Mr. Everett, Mr. Wade, Mr. Badger, Mr. Seward, and Mr. Sumner. Together with the History of the Missouri Compromise. Daniel Webster's Memorial in regard to It - History of the Annexation of Texas - the Organization of Oregon Territory - and the Compromises of 1850. New York. J. S. Redfield. 1854. First Edition. 119 pp. 8vo. Sabin 52200. LCP 7004. The Missouri Compromise set some limitation on the extension of slavery. By 1854, however, there was pressure to repeal it. The proposal, then, for the organization of the Nebraska and Kansas territories reopened the deep divisions on this subject. The admission of Missouri, the annexation of Texas, the 1850 compromise and the Nebraska-Kansas Bills bore heavily on the controvereial issues of Indian treaties, the extension of slavery as well as the organization of Nebraska and Kansas. This volume reviews this history and records in detail the contemporary speeches in Congress on the issues. It reprints Daniel Webster's 1819 pamphlet on the Missouri Compromise, not included in his Collected Works. From here on was the course of the break-up of the American Union. Signed by owner, M. W. Tappan (twice on cover, once, each, on title page and on p.9). Modest foxing of preliminary pages. Edges of covers worn and chipped without loss of text. Else, Very Good.
Price: $125.00
Dickens], [Charles.- Sketches by Boz. Illustrative of Every-Day Life and Every-Day People. London. Chapman and Hall. 1865. Frontispiece by George Cruikshank. An 1865 Reisssue of the "Cheap Edition," first republished in 1850. 303 pp. Podeschi D5. Ex Libris (Subscription Library of W. M. Johnston, #1), but Only a Discreet Library Label on Front Free Flyleaf to Show It. A Very Bright Copy with Fresh Gilt Lettering on Spine and Very Good Blind Stamped Covers. 1 p. Publisher's Ads at Front (Dickens Works). The Cheap Edition was a systematic revision by Dickens of his own work, begun in 1847. It had blind stamped green covers, double column format and a single frontispiece. Dickens new Preface was written for this edition. Very Good. Edges of Spine Minimally Worn.
Price: $160.00


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